Delivery information

Delivery and / or installation dates are approximate and given in good faith, but are not guaranteed times or dates and should not be construed as such. Time is not the essence of the contract. If the expected delivery time is likely to exceed or exceed 30 days, you have the right to cancel your order if you wish and receive a full refund, unless we have notified you of a longer time frame and you have agreed to do so.

Please make sure that the products you receive are the same color and size as you ordered and that they are checked for obvious defects or damage during delivery and prior to installation / assembly. If you have any doubts during the inspection, please contact us immediately.

We do not deliver the goods ourselves, but use the services of third party suppliers. Your data will be passed on to them for delivery. We will share your information (name, address and contact details along with the delivered product) with the shipping service provider.

We deliver to most UK postal areas, including Northern Ireland, however additional postcodes apply in some areas. We do not ship outside the UK or to BFPO addresses. Please see the Postal Code Exceptions section below for details of the areas we do not ship to within the UK and where we may ship but will incur additional charges.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate free parking and free and unrestricted access and permits so that the productsfood can be delivered without damaging the productsfood or any decoration in the access path. If you fail to do so, we will not be held liable for any damage caused, unless we are negligent.

Product storage

We will store products in our warehouse for no more than three months from the date of your order. This includes any partially fitted items. You must accept delivery of your items within that time. Otherwise, you authorize us to dispose of your products without any liability. In the event that we agree to store your products for more than three months, we will advise you of storage fees and you agree to pay such fees in advance. In addition, you agree that, for a period exceeding three months, your products may be damaged and you accept full responsibility for such damage.